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INDSoft - robotized palletization of eco-pea coal

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How to invest in your first robot
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Prior to the implementation, we will thoroughly analyze the production method with you and determine whether investment into robotization is a good idea.

We will use dedicated software to perform efficiency simulations, select an adequate robot model, and estimate the total cost and ROI.


We will check how the Kawasaki robot manages the designated task, e.g. we will verify whether we are able to weld a detail that was manually welded before (by verifying the seam quality).

Pre-implementation tests


We take care of every step of it. We choose experts that will make sure that the solution satisfies the customer’s needs.

Technical support

If the customer decides to implement the robot on their own, we will provide support with the setup and programming.

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The increase in interest in the automation of production processes and robotization on the part of Polish companies has been huge in the last 2 years. At ASTOR Robotics Center, we promote knowledge about the latest technologies in this field. With a strong team, in cooperation with integrating partner companies, we are becoming a nationwide center for robotics solutions, where we create them according to Industry 4.0.

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Sales of robots on global markets are growing year by year, and more and more companies recognize the benefits that robotization can bring them. Especially in the face of human labor force becoming harder to find.

Robotization and automation of production processes is a natural stage of preparing a company for Industry 4.0. The last two years show a significant increase in investments of Polish enterprises in this area. There are many pitfalls for entrepreneurs who want to implement robotization right away. We advise you on how to avoid them.

Robotization vs. Industry 4.0

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The first Polish guide on Industry 4.0 ideas.

Toward Industry 4.0 – Practical guide

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Download the PDF

Robotic center is a place where you can learn more. We enable you to grow in the field of creating and maintaining systems based on industrial robots.

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